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Williamsburg, VA 23188



Copying/Digital Printing

We offer walk-in black & white and color copying as well as online orders. We can digitally print newsletters, flyers, post cards, catalogs, note cards, brochures - pretty much anything you need. We utilize high end copiers that combine lightning fast speed with beautiful coverage. For our black and white production we currently run 2 Ricoh 907 EX's with booklet maker and GBC/3HP attachments. They produce 90 pages per minute and we can run sheet sizes up to 12X18. For our color production we use a high capacity Ricoh Pro C720, a 72 page per minute color powerhouse, with stunning quality that's sometimes hard to tell from offset printing. We print digitally for smaller runs or when it would be more cost effective for the client.

Ricoh Pro C720

Ricoh 9105EX

4 Color Envelopes

4 color envelopes were once a pricey luxury. You used to have to order thousands at a time, which were then printed on full sheets and converted into envelopes - a costly and time consuming venture to say the least. Now we can digitally print 5, 25, or 5000 envelopes of nearly any size at incredibly low prices and next day turnaround times with our IntoPrint Envelope Printer, making 4 color envelopes an affordable tool in getting your business noticed. 

IntoPrint Digital Envelope Printer