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Williamsburg, VA 23188



20 years ago, we resolved never to fall prey to the attitude “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” but to constantly mature as a company, to always be willing to look to the future and experiment with the ever-evolving trends of the printing industry. Instead we tweaked the maxim and incorporated it into everything we do - “if it works, we can make it work better.”


Since then, we’ve learned that it isn’t the fastest machines, or the newest equipment or the latest technology that makes a business thrive, it’s the people who make up that business. Without question, our staff has been the driving force behind our success. Their courtesy, resolve, skill and old fashioned customer service are why we were voted Williamsburg’s 2010 and 2011 Printer of the Year, and we thank them as much as we do you..

The Importance of Proofs

We do our best to print everything right the first time. We are hyper-vigilant when it comes to quality control, triple checking our own, as well as each others' work, to assure a quality product goes out the door. We send out proofs to ensure that what we print is exactly what the customer wants. Nobody is perfect, and a finger flub here and there has been known to occur, even with all the safety nets. We cannot stress enough - please be absolutely sure all dates, names, times, addresses, etc., are spelled correctly before approving. Read everything before signing anything.


WE DO NOT, CAN NOT, WILL NOT proceed with the printing of any order without your written consent, without exception. Once the proof has been approved, we are entered into a contract that holds you responsible for approving the product, and Printwell, Inc. responsible for supplying the approved product.


If we have your approval, it means that you are satisfied with the proof, all spellings are correct, all graphics are placed properly, all i's dotted, all t's crossed, and that we may go to press. If the job has been run after your approval and you notice an error, you will be charged in full to run the job again, as well as any further graphics fees that may apply. 


The final proof is your chance to unequivocally confirm that you will be satisfied with the order. Please, for your sake as well as ours, don't hastily gloss over your proof and risk missing an error.